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Welcome to KillaJerky.com, home of the phenom of beef jerky and snack foods.

KillaJerky is soft, moist and very tender, unlike other shoeleatherlike beef jerkys. We wont mention any names, but you've been there... done that! Our unique process and superthick packaging keeps your beef jerky fresher longer. In fact, most of our KillaJerky products have over a 12 month shelf life. You see, we want you to come back and buy more KillaJerky, not because your KillaJerky is no longer fresh. We want you to tell all your friends about where to get the most killer beef jerky on the planet. Yep, here at KillaJerky.com.

Remember that's KILLAJerky with an "A"

Check out our 4 great flavors of jerky. You can order any or all varietys. Also, coming soon we will have great giftpacks and baskets chocked full of KillaJerky. We are working on sugar free versions of KillaJerky now!! Don't you dare forget to stop and check "Get Some" line of KillaJerky Merchandise available. You can be the first to show up with kewl KillaJerky Garb and be the envy of all your friends. They will want to know how they can "Get Some".

Check our testimonial page, where you will find praise and worship of our snacks and tasty treats. You can also check on what you be a eatin' on the Nutrionals page. But the heck with that boring stuff, you just want to GET SOME !!!

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International orders ship Global Priority when possible
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