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MIKE B of Thousand Oaks CA states: "That Killa Jerky so good, you never put it down. I might as well just pour the whole bag in my mouth.

Virtue Mike of Amsterdam Holland and New Jersey states: The Black Pepper and Hot Jerky are like Crack Cocaine. DONT TRY THEM.. you will be addicted like me.

Chuck Fuentes of LA CA says: You just keep bringin' the hot... and I wilst keeps buyin....

Mike T, Moderator of JRCBD.com states: Can you send it in a brown paper bag, my wife is a health nut and she will kill me if she sees me eatin it.

Jen S. of Canoga Park CA states... I love the Krazy Kow.... oh.. and the jerky is Killa too !!!

Dave S of Austin Tx writes: Have you considered a Jerky of the month club? I just cant get enough of this stuff !! Mike M of Bumfuk Canada writes: You guys have got to get this stuff across the border to Canada. Everytime I come to the states I call up the Krazy Kow and GET SOME !!!
4 great flavors of BeefJerky Best Ingredients make the best Beef Jerky

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